Poster Request

Poster Request

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How to submit a poster for printing:

Click on the link at the bottom of this page. Your e-mail client should open. 

We need the following information to complete your order:

Copy and paste the following fields into your e-mail message. Complete all information and attach your poster design file.

E-mail address:
Budget Number:
Cost Center:
Requested Poster Dimensions (width x height - max. width 40")
Date Needed: (allow 5-7 business days to guarantee completion)
Paper: Glossy or Matte (additional cost for glossy)
Phone Number:
Special Instructions:

Processing Time:  Submit all poster requests AT LEAST ONE WEEK before date required.

Submit your Poster Request:

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Joan Zaremski ( / 610-396-6091)
Melody Althouse ( / 610-396-6046)
Remember to attach your poster design file to the e-mail message.

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