Recommendations and Practices

Recommendations and Practices for Academic Integrity in the Classroom

At the beginning of the semester:

  • Provide a statement of the University Policy on Academic Integrity on your Syllabus
  • Provide any specifics relevant to your course on the course syllabus
  • Interpret your rules and policy for Academic Integrity for the class
  • Explain that failure to follow the Academic Integrity at the University is intellectually dishonest and devalues the Penn State degree that everyone earns.

When cases of intellectual dishonesty occur:

  • The faculty member has the right to interpret the policy
  • The faculty member has the right to decide when to act or not act on his/her stated expectations.
  • If academic sanctions are to be imposed:
    • A meeting with the student should occur immediately (or as soon as is reasonably possible) during which the faculty member explains the facts of the situation, proposed sanction, and the process which will be followed.
    • The student is given an opportunity to accept or contest the sanction as stated on the Academic Integrity Form.
      • The student may be provided a chance to accept or contest the sanction after some reflection (i.e., after 3 days).
    • If the case is not contested, the one page Academic Integrity Form stating the outcome of the meeting is filed with the Associate Dean (who forwards it to Judicial Affairs) of the Berks College.
    • If the case is contested, the faculty member must file a copy of the Academic Integrity Form with the Associate Dean and send an additional copy of the Academic Integrity Form to the chair of the Academic Integrity Committee.
    • In addition to the above, the faculty member shall provide copies of the signed Academic Integrity Form to the student and keep one him/herself.

Note: In any case where it is recommended that University Disciplinary sanctions or an ?XF? grade is to be assigned, the case must be referred to the Office of Judicial Affairs (through the Student Affairs Office).

A more detailed explanation of the procedures to be followed by the Academic Integrity Committee is given in the "Cases and Hearings before the Academic Integrity Committee."

Faculty are required to use the Academic Integrity Form when pursuing a sanction against a student.