Science At Its Finest - NEW!

Science At Its Finest - NEW!

Camp Description

Science At Its Finest campers will be provided with a full week loaded with hands-on science projects. Various themes from biology to physics will be explored. Campers will gain a better understanding of the problem by applying scientific principles.

Each day campers will explore a new theme and learn how to properly conduct experiments to prove or dis-prove a theory.   Students will work in collaborative groups promoting open discussions, watch videos relevant to the theme, and ultimately get busy with hands-on experimentation.

Themes include:

  • Air Pressure – helium balloons, constructing an air car, making a siphon and some other pressure related experiments
  • Buoyancy & Density – experiments dealing with aluminum boat building, creating a water fountain, and floating objects
  • Bernoulli’s Principle – dealing with paper air planes, Frisbees, flying straw and boomerangs.
  • Energy Exploration – building a catapult, a mouse trap car and parachute egg drop
  • Biology and the Senses
  • Kitchen Chemistry

Themes and application activities are general topics and are subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.