Student Activity Fee Request Tips

Student Activity Fee Request Tips

Each year, the amount of money requested of the Student Activity Fee at Penn State Berks exceeds the amount available for awards. Thus, to ensure your request reaches the committee with the greatest potential for success, please consider the following tips.

Find a partner

Find out if another club, individual or campus department is attempting to accomplish what you'd like with SAF money.  Sometimes this can generate new partnerships which may reach a broader portion of the campus community. Places to look include the Student Government Association, the Campus Life Office in room 19 Perkins Student Center, or the Student Affairs Office in room 14 Perkins Student Center.

Be specific

The more specific you can be about program goals and how your request will impact the campus, the better your odds of success.  Spell out every detail of the event planned, including the most detailed budget possible. Make sure to consider any food, travel, honorarium, advertising, equipment or service expenses which may arise related to the proposal. Consult with members of the Campus Life Office, who produce several events throughout the year. They can assist with building a complete and detailed budget for the event.