Student Projects in Professional Writing

Writing Studies (Fall 2011)

Multimedia Literature Project

Students in English 211W have compiled an array of student-made videos and projects. Each student?s literacy narrative project is a vivid reflection of their writing process. For this assignment, the class analyzed their own writing processes and described how they came to be the writers they are today. The assignment asked students to use some form of multimedia: a combination of text and image. Students chose to either create a video, a website, or an image rich essay. Their purpose was to explain their history as writers today, elaborating on how the styles of literacy led them to where they are now in terms of writing and literacy.

This assignment helped each student in the class discover the origins of their writing styles. English211W is an introductory writing class, which also serves as a required course in the Professional Writing major. This class entailed the analysis of writing styles of various authors, and then the application of that analysis to each student?s own writing styles. The class allows students to thoroughly analyze and develop their literacy skills while simultaneously gaining knowledge in professional writing.

Elizabeth Boulanger

Michael Lewis

Boulanger, Elizabeth, Chris Brendel, Kara Kennedy, and Bianca Sulpeveda ?A Kaleidoscope of Perspectives? @ Penn State Berks (This publication is not an official publication of Penn State Berks)