Using Clickers in the Classroom

i-clicker2 Student Response System

Getting started with i-clicker in your classroom


Learn where to get the software, how to set up your course and configure basic course settings.

First steps for i-clicker »


What students need to know about i-clicker


Options for purchase and subscription, registering your remote, using your clicker.

Clicker information for students »


Creating a Question List


By creating a question list prior to class, you can streamline the polling process.

How to create a Question List »


Getting Started with i-grader


i-grader works with i-clicker to allow review of student responses and associated scores.

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Synching your ANGEL Roster with i-grader


i-grader can automatically synchronize student names from your ANGEL roster with students' clicker identification numbers.

Managing clicker registrations »


Viewing reports from i-grader


i-grader summarizes data about polling sessions in a format that is easy to read, print, or share with students as a study guide.

Viewing reports from polling sessions »