Volume 3, Fall 2014: Table of Contents

Undergraduate Journal

Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning and Community-Based Research

Volume 3, Fall 2014

Table of Contents

Reflective Category

From Tadpole to King Frog

Chris Bremer, Aaron Cherry, Christopher Deane, Lucas Graff, Ian Kelsey, Cody Lewis, Michelle Lewis, Chris Lorenz, Nic Magee, Tanner Sampson, and Shorena Tatarashvili, University of Idaho

Applications of Information Systems and Microfinance in Nicaragua

Benedict Chachaj, Fairfield University

Service Learning: Reframing Perspective on Social Injustice

Alex Dinsmoor, University of Pennsylvania

Meeting the Need before Learning to Read: A Holistic Approach to Educational Achievement

Rebecca Hare, Gustavus Adolphus College 

Preconception Peer Educators: Spreading the Word

Zerin Kashem, CUNY Hunter College

Education Not Incarceration: Impact of Academic Service-Learning on a Pre-service Teacher

Cynthia Maceda, Florida Atlantic University

Every Day Earth Day

Amanda Otto, Jonathan Paul, Keenan Allen, and Chad Crow, University of Idaho

Just Have to Look Harder: When the Values of Service-Learning Projects are not Readily Apparent

Lauren Reichert and Griff Shelley, Eastern Washington University


The Creation and Implementation of an Electronic Exercise Prescription at an Ontario Family Health Team

Aaron Gazendam and Erica Pascoal, Queen?s University

Service-Learning in Dartmouth Public Schools

Jacob Miller, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Ethics for the Common Man: A Personal and Structural Approach for Those Living As, Amidst, and Alongside the Homeless Population

Calleja Smiley, Dominican University


Research Done in Partnership with an Organization and Accompanying Reflection

Research Project: Exploration of the Relationship between Well-Being and Burden in Family Caregivers: A Community Based Research Project

Deanna Dragan, Warren Wilson College

Reflection: It?s Not Always about the Final Product: The Challenges and Rewards of Community-Based Research

Deanna Dragan, Warren Wilson College


Research Project: Does Participation in Enrichment Activities Affect Overall Performance of Elementary and Middle School Students?: An Evaluation of the Relationship between TCNJ Bonner Center and Hedgepeth-Williams K-8 School

Holly Malerba and Diane C. Bates, The College of New Jersey

Reflection: Reflections on Community-Based Research

Holly Malerba, The College of New Jersey


Research Project: Evaluating the Impact of a Financial Assistance Program on People Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Mia T. Vogel, University of Washington

Reflection: Social Service and Social Change in Action: Reflections on a Community-Based Program Evaluation

Mia T. Vogel, University of Washington


Research Project: Education Reform Trenton Prevention Policy Board Education Subcommittee:

A Personalized Learning Framework: Innovation and Reform for Today?s Classroom

Devon Ziminski, The College of New Jersey

Reflection: Service Learning and Education Policy: Innovation and Reform for Today?s Classroom

Devon Ziminski, The College of New Jersey


Research Article Category

Pushing Forward: Examining Client Motivation in a Family Treatment Drug Court

Aisling A. Ryan, Bates College


Open Category

The Best-Dressed Man at FOCUS

ErikaGrace Davies, Duquesne University

Applications of Service Learning through a Room Renovation Project

Katelyn Mershon and Steffi Meinhart, Purdue University

It?s Never Just a Legal Problem: Meaningful Access, Responsive Design, and Procedural Justice

Taliah Mirmalek, University of California, Berkeley

Gateway to the Forest City? Portland, Maine?s Bayside Neighborhood, 1866-2014

Alexander J. Tougas, Bowdoin College