Volume 4, Fall 2015: Table of Contents

Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning and Community-Based Research

Volume 4, Fall 2014

Table of Contents

Reflective Category

Commitment to the Community in Community-Based Research

Jedidiah Barton, Viterbo University

Hitting Home: Transportation to Transform Turlock

Josephine Hazelton, California State University, Stanislaus

Building Critical Consciousness through Community Engaged Learning

Naveeda Hussain, University of Toronto 

Using Community-Based Research Principles to Guide the Collaborative Process in Health Sciences Undergraduate Education

Derek Manis, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Service Learning, Serious Lessons: A Reflection on Service Experiences and Ways to Fix the System

Donald Warden, Oglethorpe University

Analytical Category

The Transformative Power of Art

Sofia Sandoval, University of Pittsburgh

Research Done in Partnership with an Organization and Accompanying Reflection

Research Project: Exploring the Effects of Parental Prevention Education on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

Saskia Berrios-Thomas, University of Pittsburgh

Reflection: Working In and For the Community: A Reflection of Community-Based Research

Saskia Berrios-Thomas, University of Pittsburgh

Research Project: Mission of Hope Action Research: Analyzing and Understanding Local Homeless

Emily Roberts, Coe College

Reflection: Impact of Action Research at a Local Homeless Organization

Emily Roberts, Coe College

Research Project: The Curious Case of the Amur Leopard Sofiya

Robert Schwartz, Fairfield University

Reflection: Reflections on Service Learning

Robert Schwartz, Fairfield University

Research Project: Assessing Community Engagement (ACE) @ The Dimock Center: A Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) Project

Dr. Shalini Tendulkar, Charles Wiebe, Chioma Woko, Valeria Ruelas, Michael Wang, Shane Visram, Faryal Jafri, Frederick Lu, Sahil Shah, and Alice Chan, Tufts University and Dr. Nandini Sengupta, The Dimock Center

Reflection: Assessing Community Engagement at Dimock: Reflections on Community Partnerships in Health Research

Michael Wang, Alice Chan, Faryal Jafri, Frederick Lu, Valeria Ruelas, Sahil Shah, Shane Visram, Charles Wiebe, and Chioma Woko, Tufts University

Research Project: Promoting Optimistic Thinking in YMCA Afterschool Students

Nikki Ballein, Lauren Barker, Jazmyn Battie, Brittaney Beckler, Emily Chunguyen, Megan DeVous, Devon Dillard, Emily Herdeman, Jamila Johnson, Kiyana Kershaw, Taylor Lovett, Kara McPeters, Bekah Montgomery, Preet Neki, Sarah Robb, Mackenzie Saffin, Don Schille, Chandler Thomas, Alina Tilford, and Sally Wilson, University of Cincinnati

Reflection: Utilizing Community-Based Research to Increase Optimistic Thinking Skills in Students: A Reflection

Jazmyn Battie, Ngoc ChuNguyen, Taylor Lovett, Rebekah Montgomery, Preet Neki, Alina Tilford, and Sally R. Wilson, University of Cincinnati

Research Project: Dialogic Connections: An Analysis of Groundwork Anacostia River, DC?s Use of Facebook and Twitter

Madeleine Shaw, The George Washington University

Reflection: Learning through Social Media: How a Nonprofit?s Use of Facebook and Twitter Turned into Research

Madeleine Shaw, The George Washington University

Research Project: Military Youth & Young Adult Resiliency

Kaylee B. Grant, Kami N. Kramer, Amber L. Michael, Claire E. Palmatier, Leanne R. Pizzi, Molly C. Quinlan, Amber L. Reichardt, Julia L. Riopelle, and Maureen F. Rose, University of Anchorage Alaska

Reflection: Military Youth and Young Adult Resiliency

Amber L. Michael, University of Alaska Anchorage


Research Article Category

Supporting Embedded Public Workers: Avoiding the Discrepancy between Public Representations and Educational Realities

Valentina Barrera Vasco, The George Washington University

An Evaluation and Analysis of Issues Confronting Homeless LGBT Youth from the Perspective of Social Service Agency Providers

Julia Collins, Saint Joseph?s University

From Tragedy to Reality: Analyzing the Rhetoric of Inner-City Communities and Their Members

Najya Williams, The George Washington University


Open Category

Addressing Health Disparities in Cancer through Service-Learning

Kristen Curry, Oglethorpe University


Anneke Doeve, Belmont University

How Sincere?: A Rhetorical Analysis of Reflections on Service

Rachel Fishman, The George Washington University

Finding Agency to Create Ripples of Social Change in the Cancer World

Edmund E. Smith, Oglethorpe University