Campus Directory

Name Email Role Office Location
Adams, Paula
Administrative Coordinator, Student Affairs
Perkins, 14, 610-396-6062
Althouse, Melody
Administrative Support Assistant, Registrar's Office
Franco, 125, 610-396-6086
Angstadt, Heather
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
Janssen Office Building, 207, 610-396-6052
Ashby, Kathy
Director, Housing and Food Services
Perkins, 106A, 610-396-6356
Avram, Joel
Officer, Police Services
Luerssen, 112B, 610-396-6111
Balliett, Cindy
Administrative Support Assistant, Student Support Services
Perkins, 6, 610-396-6073
Bauman, Jane
Marketing/Advertising Assistant, Strategic Communications
Janssen Office Building, 204, 610-396-6053
Bednarz, Anthony
Snack Bar Worker
Perkins, 106, 610-396-6361
Bender, David
Associate Professor of Educational Psychology
Campus Registrar
Franco Building, 128, 610-396-6090
Berish, Elaine
Area Representative III, Continuing Education
Williams Cottage, 610-396-6230
Berry, Kim
Chief Operating Officer
Peiffer, 103, 610-396-6030
Bessey, John
Sergeant, Police Services
Luerssen, 112D, 610-396-6111
Bhogal, Rani
Administrative Support Assistant, Residence Life
Ivy, 102D, 610-396-6292
Bingeman, Jeff
Residence Life Coordinator
Ivy, 102C, 610-396-6294
Black, Kevin
Maintenance Mechanic
Sheep Barn, 610-396-6001
Blatt, Matthew
Officer, Police Services
Luerssen, 112B, 610-396-6111
Bohn, Colleen
Medical Assistant, Health Services
Perkins, 8, 610-396-6075
Brandon, Mitzi
Accountant Aide
Franco, 125, 610-396-6046
Braun, Jack
Maintenance Utility Worker
Implement Shed, 610-396-6264
Brey, Daniel
Maintenance Mechanic, Vehicle & Grounds Equipment
Implement Shed, 610-396-6265