Tjoe, Hartono

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
Gaige, 238, 610-396-6453

Publications are available in PDF format on Dr. Tjoe's personal website.

Ph.D., Mathematics Education, Columbia University
M.S., Mathematics, New York University
M.A., Economics, Boston University
B.A., magna cum laude, Economics and Mathematics, Boston University
de la Torre, J., Carmona, G., Kieftenbeld, V., Tjoe, H., & Lima, C. (2016). Diagnostic classification models and mathematics education research: Opportunities and challenges. In A. Izsák, J. T. Remillard, & J. Templin. (Eds.), Psychometric methods in mathematics education: Opportunities, challenges, and interdisciplinary collaborations (pp. 53-71). Journal for Research in Mathematics Education Monograph Series No. 15. Reston, VA: NCTM.
Tjoe, H. (2015). Giftedness and aesthetics: Perspectives of expert mathematicians and mathematically gifted students. Gifted Child Quarterly, 59(3), 165-176.
Tjoe, H., & de la Torre, J. (2014). The identification and validation process of proportional reasoning attributes: An application of a cognitive diagnosis modeling framework. Mathematics Education Research Journal, 26(2), 237-255.
Tjoe, H., & de la Torre, J. (2014). On recognizing proportionality: Does the ability to solve missing value proportional problems presuppose the conception of proportional reasoning? Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 33(1), 1-7.