Academic Advising

Recommended Early Progress Report (EPR) Procedure for Advisers

Early academic follow-up with students has been shown to be an effective way of ensuring successful completion of an academic semester. When students experience difficulty early in a course it can happen for several reasons. It may simply mean that they did not make themselves fully aware of all the course requirements, that they may have been aware but didn?t follow through and either missed a graded assignment or received a poor grade, or, it may signify academic difficulty with the course content. Communication to help determine the reason and a proposed solution, particularly during the early part of the semester, can have a significantly positive impact on the students? persistence in the course and ultimately their course grade.

Sample e-mail / Students receiving one EPR:

Hello [insert student name],

As your academic adviser I received notification that you are not doing well in your ( ) course. All of your courses are important to your academic success. It may be important for you to speak with your instructor or to get assistance from the Learning center or Writing center. If you have any questions or would like to meet to discuss this issue, please let me know. The best way to reach me is??

Sample e-mail / Students receiving more than one EPR:

Hello [insert student name],

Since you have received more than one Early Progress Report, it is very important for us to meet so that we can develop a plan to help you to reach your academic goals. Please contact me about scheduling an appointment to meet as quickly as possible. I look forward to seeing you soon!