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Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations

Get Involved!

At Penn State Berks, numerous organizations provide opportunities for students to build upon common interests or expand horizons, all while making new friends and enhancing a resume with leadership roles. Within our small-college environment, opportunities exist within social organizations and honor societies.

If there's an interest, there's a club for you. We have many clubs which offer students the opportunity to lead, serve others, expand knowledge in their major, perform, compete, and make new friends. Currently, the student clubs and organizations recognized by the Student Government Association fit in the following categories: Academic, Performance, Service, Social, and Sport.

Student Organization Forms

Getting Started
How to start a club, policies, funding, and more.
Register your student organization for the year. 
Does your student organization have a co-advisor from off campus? Please submit this form. Full-time Penn State Berks faculty or staff advisors are not required to submit an advisor form.
Meetings, Events, Fundraisers and Community Service
This all-purpose request form is how student groups reserve facility space for meetings, register events and register fundraisers.

Student Organization Community Service Registration
This form is required to register your club or organization's Community Service hours. This must be completed at least ONE WEEK prior to participating in Community Service. This form is NOT required if you are participating in Campus Life or SGA sponsored Community Service.

Print this form prior to your Community Service Event and have an organizing staff member sign that the information contained in the form is accurate. You must submit this within 2 business days for the hours to count towards your club or organization's total.
Taking a trip? Tell us where you are going. 
Get reimbursed for your travel. 
Register your vehicle for club travel before taking a trip. 
Financial Paperwork 
Request a check (at least three weeks in advance) or get reimbursed for club expenses.
Online Purchasing Form
Need to make a purchase online for your Club or Organization? Fill this document out completely then return the form to the Office of Campus Life. You are not permitted to make any online purchases without this form completed and submitted.
P-Card Lending Form
Need to make a purchase for your club/organization? This document allows you to borrow a credit card to make appropriate purchases for your club. Please fill this out and bring to the Office of Campus Life. You then will need to reserve the card for a scheduled time.
SGA Budget Request Form
Request club funding through SGA 

SGA Funding Allocation Guidelines
Learn more about allowable uses of SAG-allocated money as well as the criteria that SGA uses when approving club budgets.

Club Sports 

The Office of Campus Life will be happy to assist club sport leaders in determining which forms should be submitted each year. 

For more information, please contact The Office of Campus Life, 19 Perkins Student Center, 610-396-6076.