Arts/History/Language/Communication Career Sites

American Association of Advertising Agencies - advertising jobs and intern programs.

The American Society of Newspaper Editors - The American Society of Newspaper Editors website is a good source for listing jobs, internships, and upcoming events for those interested in a professional writing career in the news industry.

Bookjobs - A one-stop shop that posts entry-level jobs and year-round internships from over 35 book publishers.  A valuable tool for both undergraduates and post-graduates seeking a stimulating career path.

Contemporary Artist Services - Provides this "Advice on Art" section on their website.  The purpose of this series of articles is to teach artists the skills they need to manage their own careers. 

International Game Developers Association - Information on breaking into the video game industry.

Journalism Jobs - Job listings for the journalism field.  Includes interviews with professionals in the journalism and broadcasting fields, training program information and links to related resources.

Magazine Publishing Association - Access career guides and related resources on the magazine publishing industry.

NewsLink - A good website for locating newspapers, television and radio stations in the location in which you would like to seek employment.

Technical Writing/Communications - Access brochures to explore the technical writing and communications field.

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