B. A. in Applied Psychology Alumni Perspectives

Alumni Perspectives


Kasie Lynch

2011, B.S. in Applied Psychology, Penn State Berks
2013, MSW, University of Pennsylvania
Graduate Intern, University of Pennsylvania

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"I chose Penn State Berks because it is a small campus and I wanted to use it as a stepping stone to get to PSU Main [University Park]. However, I stayed at Penn State Berks because my sophomore year I became and RA, which was such a great experience, and Berks offered psychology as one of the four year degrees. I also had such a great support system from both faculty and staff; they really try to help their students make the most of their Penn State experience. Penn State Berks also gave me the opportunity to travel abroad with a small group during two summers, and this is an experience that I do not think I would have had at a larger school. There are a lot of amazing opportunities at Penn State Berks."


"I really loved the Applied Psych program, and I honestly feel like it is one of the best! All of the professors in the Psych department are very caring and devoted to their students, which is really helpful. The professors also have special ares of focus, so they are able to teach classes that they are really interested in, which makes class much more engaging and interesting. I would say the one thing that helped me the most was the four internships that we were required to do. I got to work with a number of different populations while at Berks which allowed me to develop a better understanding of what I want to do and who I want to work with. I believe my internship experiences also helped me to get into U. Penn, and then I was able to land this amazing internship because of the experiences I had while at Berks."


Stephanie Kent

2011, B.A. in Applied Psychology, Penn State Berks
Project Coordinator at the Arc of Delaware County

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"I chose Penn State Berks because of the small class sizes where I was able to go to my professors when I needed help.  They were always willing to help when needed. Penn State Berks, also allowed me to have the college feel with still being close to home but yet far enough away to have my own freedom."


"The part that I liked to most about the Applied Psychology program was the four internships.  This allowed me to apply the skills at my internship that I have learned from other classes.  Another valuable thing that I liked about the Applied Psychology Program was the professors.  They were able to teach me valuable skills and were always there when I need help with anything. One of the most valuable experiences that I had at Penn State Berks was the Research internship that I was able to complete under the direction of a professor.  This allowed me to learn how to conduct research and record the findings.  Because of that internship, I am able to use the techniques in my profession today."




Luis "Charlie" Suero

2010, B.A. in Applied Psychology, Penn State Berks
M.S. in School Psychology, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM)
Case Counselor at Open Door International

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"I chose Penn State Berks because the Psychology program at Berks beat every Psychology program out of the water! The program includes students completing four internships, which personally gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge, grow as a person, and build great connections outside of the classroom, which essentially motivated me to go for my master's degree."


"As cliché as it may sound, every professor truly helped me reach my full potential. I didn't quite see it at the beginning, but reflecting back on how much my basic skills have improved, the experiences gained from the internships, which led to the work force and my continued thirst for knowledge, helped me better define who I am as a person, what I want in life, and what I have to do to succeed and achieve. Working outside the box is the best thing I learned at Penn State Berks. It was a great help while I was in Southeast Asia working with staff members to improve not only their English skills, but also their overall productivity within the social welfare agency."

Iris Richardson

2007, B.A. in Applied Psychology, Penn State Berks
Graduate Assistant in Residence Life & Housing
West Chester University

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"I chose Penn State Berks because the faculty and staff are devoted to their students and they want to see us succeed in life. Penn State is known no matter where you go in the world and it has offered me a lot of opportunities."


"The Applied Psychology program prided you with hands on experience from beginning to end.  It gives you the opportunity to explore different areas of psychology and they help you design a portfolio that a student can use when going on interviews (i.e. grad-school or employers). If it wasn't for the Applied Psychology program I would still be trying to figure out what career path I wanted to pursue."

Corey S. Klett

2007, B.S. in Applied Psychology, Penn State Berks

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"I chose Penn State Berks for several reasons. Originally, I went to University Park for  for my freshman year but later transferred to Berks for the smaller classes, close friendships, and personable staff. It's a close-knit community here at Berks and has been the best decision I have ever made."


"The internships really prepared me for the "working world". I feel the experiences have made me stand out to potential employers. Also, the professors are truly passionate about what they do and in helping students achieve their goals."


Dena Folk

2006, B.S. in Applied Psychology, Penn State Berks


"I chose Penn State Berks because I heard about how great the Applied Psychology program was and went for it."


"The Applied Psychology program helped me in my career path by offering field experience and internships, help with creating a resume and portfolio, networking, experience in presentations and public speaking all in a small class setting."




Sara Gilfert

2005, B.S. in Applied Psychology, Penn State Berks
Therapeutic Staff Support
Employed by Kids Peace as Therapeutic Staff Support

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"I chose Penn State because it was always a dream of mine to attend Penn State since I came from a family full of Penn State fans. The Applied Psychology Program is like having a small family-like community.  The professors and students help each other with problems that might occur in Internship. You could also get possible job offers from Internships you chose throughout the program. Networking!!!?