Berks Theatre Video Gallery

Description of imagery in video for visually impaired visitors:

Video begins with a fast moving collage of different theatre production images.
Banner showing a performer and THEATRE at BERKS
Why major in Theatre at Penn State Berks?
For the Drama!
Short clips of 2 different theatre performances.
Hands on experience!
Clips of performances, costume design and makeup artists.
Student led productions. N.O.W. at Berks (New Original Works) Written, Directed, Designed by students.
Image of a production scene from Student Savannah Ganster?s ?The Unlikely Martyrs? Two men aiming guns at another man.
A second image of a production scene from Student Savannah Ganster?s ?The Unlikely Martyrs?.
Image 3 of ?The Unlikely Martyrs?. Woman comforting and caring for a man who is lying on the ground.
You?ll finish with skills that prepare you for a variety of career paths in?
Image of a stage with flowers on it (moves across screen) Actor, Stage Management, Audience Development, Playwright, Director, Designer, Theatre Management, Teacher, Law, Business, and much more!
You can specialize through independent studies and special projects.

For more information or to schedule an audition/interview email us at [email protected] or call the program coordinator, James N. Brown, at (610) 396-6419.