B.S. in Accounting

B.S. in Accounting

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree provides  students with the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to pursue  career opportunities in the fields of accounting and financial analysis.  The program prepares students to pursue professional certifications and  provides a well-rounded education  for students  planning to pursue graduate studies in accounting or other related  fields.

The degree program’s mission is to develop lifelong learners in core business disciplines through the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge, integrating research as well as the real-life experience provided through  internships and other partnerships with the business community.

Courses are offered days and evenings to meet the needs of both traditional and adult learners.

Degree Overview

The accounting degree program focuses on providing students with an in-depth education in financial and managerial accounting practices, taxation, auditing, financial analysis, and business advisory services.  In addition to the core curriculum, the program educates students in written and oral communication skills, automated information systems, and coordinated activities with fellow students.  This overall experience  prepares students for careers with  public accounting firms, corporate and private companies, not-for-profit entities, and governmental agencies.   Students are prepared to pursue professional certifications such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), or Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), as well as continuing their education through graduate studies.

* Students intending on attaining the CPA designation should discuss the 150 credit hour requirement with their academic advisor or program coordinator.  There are several ways to attain the credit requirement including course overloads, a fifth year of undergraduate studies, or admission to the Berks graduate program.

Internships, Research, and Application

Accounting degree students may choose to participate in one or more of the various internship opportunities afforded at Berks.  These professional work experiences allow students to apply their education in a real-world setting and perform research in their field of interest.  Many students attain internships with local accounting firms, companies, or governmental agencies, while others pursue internships either outside the local area or abroad.

After Graduation

There is a universal saying that “Accounting is the language of business.”  Accounting degree program graduates are prepared to begin their careers with a strong understanding of this language, as well as a broad and diverse knowledge of business management and operations, interactions with clients, vendors, and other business stakeholders, and the ability to understand and participate in the strategic plans of an organization.  Graduates often pursue entry-level positions with employers where they utilize their accounting skills, while others work in the fields of finance, investment planning, actuarial development, manufacturing, agriculture, and many other areas of interest for which they are well prepared.  Other graduates decide to continue their studies or pursue professional certifications.  More and more graduates take a less traditional path and become entrepreneurs, while others help their family business grow and thrive in a world where e-commerce and technology has become an ever-changing environment.