Campus Newspaper

The Berks Collegian

The student newspaper, The Berks Collegian, welcomes Professor Keysha Whitaker to our college! Professor Whitaker will be the faculty adviser to the Berks Collegian, and she will work with students to develop a superb multi-media news source. Professor Whitaker will also teach the journalism courses at Penn State Berks. Professor Whitaker is an experienced journalist and teacher, and we are very excited that she is joining Penn State Berks to launch and lead a new era for the Berks Collegian.

The Berks Collegian provides students with an opportunity to sharpen their newswriting, an essential skill in journalism, public relations, corporate communications, advertising, and other fields. Student journalists also gain experience in visual communication through editing, layout, and graphics of newswriting. Moreover, work published in the newspaper can be a central part of the senior writing portfolio. Many students in Professional Writing write for the newspaper and/or hold editorial positions, though working for the Berks Collegian is not exclusive to Professional Writing majors. 

Students can take Communications 260W: News Writing and Reporting and English 110: Newswriting Practicum* to help develop their newswriting skills. Both courses fulfill requirements in the Professional Writing major and minor. Both courses help students to develop publishable pieces.

During the summer, please contact Dr. Christian Weisser ([email protected]) for information on the Berks Collegian and related courses. Professor Whitaker arrives at Penn State Berks later this summer, and her contact information will be posted to the website at that time.

*English 110 is offered every semester. English 110 is a 2-credit course that can be taken by any student for a maximum of 6 credits.