Camp Know Where

Camp Description

A classic 80's summer (but with Supervision & better internet) includes but is not limited to a multitude of awesome 80's throwback fun. Camp Know Where is designed to explore STEAM based Projects for intuitive & creative problem solving.

Our morning starts with Improv for Stranger Things: ST themed unscripted games that improve social function, problem solving & communication skills. They also explore self-awareness, collaboration & improve confidence.

While we've just warmed up, our crew might even create & complete Stranger Things themed scavenger hunt “zoom the room style” one day and solve a Breakout Box/Escape the Room game the next! Let's not leave out the Science of the 80's exhibited in the series (building a radio, exploring the extra-terrestrial realm & finding out "how it's made" & the science behind the filming). So Rad!

Each day has little down time but Being Bored is not an option, being BOARD is... We'll revisit our (parents') favorite interactive 80's board games. Plus, additional crafting options available each day like making slime, friendship bracelets, freeze pops, tie dye shirts or (tube socks!) and other 80's kitsch.

Ultimate life skills included: snack prep! We will learn to “Air Pop” some popcorn or toast some cheerios & learn some classic 80's recipes (it's not all cheeseballs!) while we get ready for an Ultimate Interactive Watch Party! Why not apply what we discover and follow it up with an Ultimate gaming sesh of Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons where campers {introverted & extroverted alike} build friendships, leadership and creative outlet through the classic interactive game. It's like every day is awesome adventure & 'family game night'.

See you at Camp Know Where!