Sustainable City Challenge

A sustainable city is one designed to take care of its people for a long time. To do so, it needs to be able to face the challenges of the future. Can it provide food, housing, and electricity for a growing population without harming the planet? How can it adapt to a rapidly changing climate? What will cities look like in 30 years?   

The time has come to find ways to make cities greener and more livable as the growing population leads to demand for even more of Earth’s resources. While finding ways to help the planet is essential to sustainability, reducing costs and creating a vibrant culture for citizens are equally important.   

Campers will learn the theory behind sustainable city concepts including clean energy, green buildings, city farming, and waste management. Campers will meet with an Urban Designer where they will begin conceptualizing their own sustainable city plan.  Then, campers are challenged to work in teams to build their own models of a sustainable city and present to a team of local architects, city planners, and Chamber of Commerce members.  Together, we can learn from one another to achieve a sustainable future!

Activities described are general topics and are subject to change at the instructor’s discretion. The University reserves the right to cancel programs that do not meet minimum enrollment.