Choosing a Major

Helpful Resources

Penn State University offers more than 275 degree programs. Choosing one can be an overwhelming task. Sometimes identifying personal abilities, interests, and values can ease the process. Below are some links that may help you determine the major for you. Good Luck!


Undergraduate Degree Bulletin

The Undergraduate Degree Bulletin is a full catalog of all majors and programs available across all campuses and every academic college at Penn State. Use the filter tool to explore options and design your own, unique academic path at one of the world's leading research institutions. Visit the Penn State Undergraduate Degree Bulletin »

Degrees and Majors at Penn State Berks

Choose from 24 two- and four-year degrees that can be completed entirely at Berks, or select from 275+ Penn State degree programs that can be started here and finished at another Penn State campus. Explore Degrees and Majors at Penn State Berks »