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Communications Arts& Sciences

Mind training, not job training.

A passport to do almost anything.

Research shows that employers desire transferable skills that you can take with you to any job.

These types of skills are at the heart of a Communication Arts & Sciences degree and include?

Image of a faculty member conducting a presentation. Oral and written communications skills.

Image of a puzzle in the form of a globe. The ability to solve complex problems.

Image of people greeting and talking to one another in front of a map. Being able to work well with others.

Image of a globe surrounded by a continuing line of numbers. The ability to adapt in a changing workplace.

In your Communications Arts & Sciences program some of the things you will learn about include?

Image of different individuals? hands on top of one another. Small groups and organizational communication.

Image of a person with a megaphone standing in a field.  Persuasion and rhetorical criticism.

Image of a key on a keyboard with the word ?negotiate? on it. Conflict and Negotiation (moves across screen)

Image of the white house. Political and Social Campaign Rhetoric.

Image of a group of people standing in a close group. Intercultural and gendered communication.

What can Communication Arts &Sciences offer you?

Image of a light bulb. You?ll learn strategies for solving personnel and other problems.

Image of a mathematical graph. You?ll become an effective communicator who can build teams, manage conflict, and relate well interpersonally.

Image of a computer surrounded by other computers. You?ll gain knowledge of the communication theories and skills required to lead effectively.

Image of the Golden Gate Bridge in the evening. You?ll learn to build bridges between diverse populations and how to harness the power of diversity.

Image of a person in a wheelchair using a laptop. You?ll learn how to create and communication effective messages.

Regardless of the changes in technology, the market for well-crafted messages will always have an audience. Steve Burnett. The Burnett Group

Join us and begin building a passport that can take you just about anywhere you want to go.

Talk to us about pathways in?

Image of different men and women standing in one line. Organizational Communication.

Image of figures on a chess board. Strategic Communication.

Image of the definition of communication. Or take classes in both!

Image of graduates throwing their caps. What will YOU achieve with us?

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Dr. Michele Ramsey [email protected] 610.396.6148