Corrugated Cardboard and Paper Bags

Cardboard box for recyclingCorrugated cardboard boxes must be emptied and flattened for recycling.

Did you know? The capacity of a recycling dumpster increases 8-10 time when boxes are broken down.

Do Recycle

  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Brown Paper Bags, stuffed together
  • Package Labels & Tape are OK to leave on cardboard

Do not Recycle

  • Frozen Food Boxes
  • Packaging Materials (Styrofoam)
  • Packing "peanuts"
  • Pizza or Food boxes

In Academic/Administrative buildings, put flattened cardboard boxes next to any recycle station in the building (This indicates to the custodial staff that the box is meant to be recycled.)

Did you know? Packaging peanuts or Styrofoam cannot be left in cardboard boxes for recycling.