Custom Instructional Multimedia Design

Partnering with faculty to Create Custom eLearning Content

Selected faculty can partner with the CLT team to create unique, interactive multimedia-based instructional resources. Applications are accepted through the Teaching & Learning Innovation Partnership Program.

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Benefits of Web-based Instructional Content

When leveraged effectively, the unique affordances of multimedia-based communication techniques blended with instructional design principles facilitate a rich learning experience that can be consistently presented time after time. Regardless of a student's preferred learning style, multimedia-based instruction can present a personalized experience that is uniquely engaging and motivating.

When selected content is available via eLearning modules, students have the flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere. Learners progress through the content at the pace they choose. Students can opt to repeatedly review content for mastery or they might self-check their comprehension. By enabling the freedom to fail and receive constructive feedback within a safe environment, opportunities for effective learning are enhanced through multimedia-based delivery.

Our team can help faculty to locate and integrate digital instructional resources available through textbook publishers, online repositories and libraries. However, sometimes a course incorporates unique instructional requirements or specialized content. Or, faculty may be interested in researching new instructional directions. In these situations, our team partners with faculty to design and develop custom multimedia-based instructional resources.

Custom Designed eLearning Content

Custom multimedia-based instructional resources might be designed, developed and employed:

  • As part of an entire course redesign
  • As an added resource for an existing course (face-to-face, web-enhanced, hybrid or online)

Regardless of a course?s delivery method, multimedia-based eLearning modules can add a variety of instructional activities to a course:

  • Self-paced Tutorials
  • Interactive Practice Exercises with Tailored Feedback
  • Simulations or Animations
  • Instructional Games
  • Demonstrations (technique, scenario, interpersonal skill, foreign language)
  • Interactive Study Guides
  • Altered Reality (time lapse, special effects)
  • Encouragement
  • Fictional Narrative

For faculty interested in partnering with our team to create innovative, custom-designed and developed eLearning content, we recommend applying for a Teaching & Learning Innovation Partnership.

Faculty-developed eLearning Content

For faculty interested in developing their own multimedia-based content, we recommend applying for a Teaching & Learning Innovation Partnership or contact Mary Ann Mengel ([email protected]) to learn more about faculty support in the design of online instructional resources.

If your goal is to redesign an entire course, we recommend first enrolling in the eLearning Academy.