Designing a Hybrid or Online Course

General Guidelines

The Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) in support of our college's e-Learning efforts provides support for faculty in designing and developing hybrid and online courses.

The CLT eLearning efforts work cooperatively with University-wide initiatives outlined on the Web Learning @ Penn State website.

Designation of Courses in Course Schedule

A hybrid course reduces in-class seat time while increasing online activities and communications. An online course has no face-to-face meeting times since 100% of the course is delivered online.

  • A hybrid course must be listed as "AND WEB" in the course schedule.
  • An online course must be listed as "WEB" in the course schedule.

The following options are in place for faculty who are interested in creating a hybrid or online course:

Option 1: Teaching & Learning Innovation Grant

The Center for Learning & Teaching recommends that faculty members interested in pursuing a hybrid/online course redesign project apply for a Teaching & Learning Innovation (TLI) grant in order to receive funding, staff design/development time, and support. Hybrid/online redesign projects typically entail 50-500 hours of faculty work to complete.

Learn more about TLI Grants »

Option 2: Berks eLearning Academy

The Berks eLearning Academy guides faculty through the stages of transforming a course from an on-campus environment to a hybrid or online modality in an effective manner. The academy is a cohort-based hybrid course with five one-and-half hour face-to-face sessions that each have corresponding online work, as well as one course-wide individualized consultation. 

Learn more about the eLearning Academy »

Option 3: Consultation

A individual consultative approach is available to assist faculty in the design and development of a course in conjunction with the Center for Learning & Teaching staff. This option is available on a time-available basis. Depending upon staff availability, consultations can fall into the spectrum of high level guidance through in-depth collaboration. Priority of consultations is given on a first come, first serve basis.

Need more information?

Contact Dr. Daonian Liu, director of the Center for Learning & Teaching at [email protected] or 610-396-6189.