Program Coordinator

  • Cheryl Gustitus, Academic Adviser

Peer Mentor

  • to be announced 

Resident Assistant

  • to be announced

Learning Community Instructors

  • Ms. Jennifer Dareneau, English
  • Ms. Cheryl Gustitus, First-year seminar
  • Dr. Kirk Shaffer, International Literature and Film
  • Dr. Carol Toomey, Speech

"My teaching experience in DISCOVER BERKS was a very positive one. The students were interactive in class discussions and group work. They were more open with their comments and suggestions, and I felt that the overall quality of assignments was better than in some of my other classes.  This was my first experience with a learning community and I felt that it was successful in creating a common group of students focused on academics, even though they were not united by major."

Jen Dareneau, instructor in English