"The DISCOVER BERKS program was a very beneficial experience for my first year of college. I received special attention, and I enjoyed having linked classes that allowed the student/professor relationships to become stronger. I really liked the programs that were available to me, such as the meetings with department heads, which really helped to make my decision on a major."  Kaitlin Weaver

"Through DISCOVER BERKS House, I experienced a sense of friendship with all the group members. The classes were interesting, and I feel that living together enhances the program."  Evan Harbaugh

"I liked that we really got to know everyone else in the community. Even though I didn't live on campus with everyone else, I really got to know them well and I'm thankful that I got to be in this program."  April Lefever

"I liked having classes with the same people that you live with.  It is an easy way to make friends and to feel comfortable in classes."  Brittany Patberg

"DISCOVER BERKS House motivated me to narrow down what I wanted to do for a career. The Myers-Briggs test helped me gain insight into myself and made me more aware of the type of person I am. The alumni dinner was beneficial because interacting with alumni from a variety of professions and seeing how they "made it" was really encouraging. It was also nice that they took time out of their schedules to come and talk to us." Andre Woods

"I like the idea of all the students living together as well as sharing multiple classes. I think that this gives the students a better way to get through the transition from high school to college."  Steven Brant