Rhudy, Matthew

Matthew Rhudy
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Gaige, 220

My research experience thus far has focused on the instrumentation, flight testing, control, and sensing using unmanned aircraft.  My specific research expertise is in the area of sensor fusion, which is the study of how to combine diverse sensor information in order to achieve a desired unified result.  The development of sensor fusion technology is important for expanding the capabilities of autonomous sensing and control.  Accurate and robust sensory information allows for more informed decision making and enhances the possibilities for interaction between other objects and the environment.  My previous work used flight data from outdoor testing of unmanned aircraft in order to formulate and analyze various sensor fusion problems, including attitude estimation, wind estimation, and airspeed estimation of unmanned aircraft.  In addition to continuing this valuable work, I plan to expand into new directions by utilizing multiple platforms, such as aircraft, robots, and humans to investigate cooperative sensing and perception, i.e., how different intelligent systems can work together to interpret their surroundings or to accomplish a joint task.  I am also interested in the mathematical modeling and control of nonlinear dynamic systems, including topics such as adaptive control, artificial neural networks, parameter estimation, and system identification.