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Move-in Day at Penn State Berks

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Perkins Plaza clock tower chiming at 4:00 p.m.
Penn State Berks logo
Statue of the Nittany Lion on campus
Subtitle: Move-In-Day, 2012-2013
New students gathering in the Perkins Student Center lobby
Students moving in to the residence halls
Entrance sign with balloons to The Woods residence halls
Penn State Berks housing department assisting incoming students with move in day under a tent outside of residence halls
Welcome First-Year Students!
Student volunteers cheering and helping incoming first year students move in
Inside the residence halls parents and families help students move in
Outside students are emptying vehicles and moving their belongings in
Student volunteer directing traffic
At the Woods residence hall, students bring in packed carts of their personal items
A quick glimpse following students around the residence halls
The sign outside of the Village residence halls
A new student empties out his car to move in to residence halls
Students and families are shown here helping move in students
Penn State Berks IT staff helps students with their access accounts
More student volunteers helping incoming students move in their stuff
A view of families going to their cars for more items
Student volunteers with moving cart filled with incoming students gear
Wishing students, faculty and staff a happy, safe, and successful school year!
WE ARE!  Students holding up arms and saying PENN STATE!
Penn State Berks logo


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