Parking Violation Appeal Form

To appeal a parking violation, submit the following form:

This form is used at Penn State Berks to appeal a parking violation for any campus parking ticket. This form should not be used for State Citations, which are handled through the District Office.

The following are NOT ACCEPTABLE grounds for appeals:

  • Only parked illegally for a few minutes
  • Unread or misunderstood signs
  • Student parked in visitors space
  • Inconvenient assigned area
  • Lack of space at this location
  • Permit on seat, console, etc.
  • Bad weather or darkness
  • Ignorance of regulations
  • Financial hardship
  • Unregistered vehicle
  • Expired permit
  • Running late
Include State (EG: PA ABC-1234)

If different from above

Decisions made by the Appeals Committee are final.

'I certify that the information given in this parking appeal form is true and correct. Any misrepresentation of the true facts on my part shall be grounds for immediate rejection of the appeal.'

I have read, understand and agree to this statement.
My typed name below shall have the same force and effect as my written signature.