Honors Programs

Honors Programs

Penn State Berks offers two honors programs for intellectually motivated students who demonstrate both ability and a commitment to educational achievement: the Berks College Honors Program and the University?s Schreyer Honors College Program. Both programs provide students with a broad array of special courses, research opportunities, creative options, and international experiences. Since honors courses also fulfill general education and/or majors requirements in classes of no more than 20 students at Berks, they are part of the process of developing relationships with both professors and classmates so important for personal and professional development.

Students enrolled in either of these programs may select from a variety of special honors courses, honors options, independent study and research programs to satisfy Penn State's general education and/or majors requirements. At the beginning of each academic semester, students work closely with both an academic advisor and the honors coordinator to develop individualized academic plans.

Honor students are entitled to several benefits including:

  • Priority Registration
  • Semester-long Library Loans
  • Partially-funded International Travel
  • Honors Student Lounge
  • Guidance on National and International Scholarships

They may also qualify for:

  • Boscov Academic Scholarships

The College Honors Club organizes extra-curricular activities, from service to fundraising, cultural outings to hiking expeditions.