International Business 303

Teaching & Learning Innovation Grant

Beginning in Fall 2009, James Laurie, Instructor of International Business, collaborated with the Center for Learning & Teaching to develop a hybrid version of IB303. The course deals with current geopolitical events such as globalization, exchange rates, tariffs, and trade balances. 
Read Jim Laurie's report on this project.

As part of the analysis phase of the hybrid course design, the concept of an instructional game related to exchange rates was conceived. This project evolved into two phases.

Phase 1: Development of Hybrid IB303

Laurie worked with former instructional designer Amy Roche to:

  • evaluate video resources and integrate into LMS
  • develop questions for online discussion forums which solicited critical thinking
  • develop online quizzes which required independent research

Phase 2: Design and Development of an Interactive Instructional Game

The interactive online instructional game, "International Exchange," focuses on learning objectives related to fluctuations in exchange rate, tariffs, and consumer demand. Instructor Jim Laurie worked with Instructional Multimedia Designer Mary Ann Mengel to design and develop the game. The game was developed in Adobe Flash with ActionScript.

The game is designed to include two rounds. Round one focuses students on recognizing and comparing the impact of fluctuations in exchange rate, consumer demand and tariff. Round two incorporates higher order thinking skills, asking learners to make decisions based upon analyzing, judging and interpreting market conditions.

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