International Field Experience

Morgan Brehm

Morgan Brehm


Hi, my name is Morgan Brehm and I am an Elementary Education Major. I enrolled in this course in order to develop an additional wealth of knowledge and experiences that I will then be able to bring into my future classroom. Being a teacher has always been a dream of mine. I not only want to be a teacher, I want to be a great teacher. The experiences I will gain from this course will help me to do so.

I think this course is great. It has allowed me to meet so many great people in which I can share this great experience with. I have learned a great deal about the history of Germany and plan to learn a great deal on the trip.

My experience thus far has been amazing. I have looked forward to each and every class meeting. We are able to learn and discuss all of the many facts about Germany. Being a senior in the middle of students, teaching is stressful. However adding this to my plate was nothing more. I found that I was looking forward to this each week, as I have been given an excellent opportunity that will impact my future as an educator.


I really see myself differently within the Penn State community. I do think I got to experience something amazing and find myself glad that I did something extra within Penn State. I did not do anything in my time at Penn State other then the normal classes. I was not in clubs or did not participate in events like such, I focused all my time on organizations outside Penn State. therefore in a way I feel bit more connected, as many of my peers have done ton and been on many of the trips through Penn State. However, some of my lack of the differences within the PSU community may be because of the fact that I have recently graduated and feel that it is over. In a way I felt like Germany was the ending, and a pretty perfect ending at that.

I would absolutely do this trip again, if only I could!! I got so much out of it and would love the opportunity to spend more time looking at the education system further. I think there is so much there that would be an asset to me. I would like to observe more in the elementary area and see multiple teachers teaching strategies. It was a great opportunity that I would love to live again.