International Field Experience

Kelly Putt

Kelly Putt


Hi, My name is Kelly Putt. I am an Elementary Education Major. Throughout my education at Penn State Berks, I have been able to research other culture and locations that have allowed me to observe differences and similarities in the classroom. I have studied multicultural curriculum in the classroom and planned out ways to implement a variety of strategies to set up students for success. Besides the Reading School District, I have not physically been able to experience other locations that are filled with foreign diversity and culture. I enrolled in this course because I want to expand my pedagogy and prepare myself for diverse student with different needs.

I think the course is very educational and allows us to study another culture and way of life. We as teachers, need to experience different types of students in order to create a well rounded curriculum that will best fit their needs.

My experience has been pleasant, due to the professors and the course materials. I am learning a lot about Germany and what to expect during our trip. The trip will be amazing and educational. I am so excited and honored that I was selected to be a part of this trip.


I feel that I have accomplished many great tasks throughout my years at Penn State. If you would have told me that in my senior year I would be going to Germany... well, I wouldn't have believed you. I've learned so much from this experience and it opened my eyes to a new culture and school system.

I would love to go back to Germany to experience more time in the schools and interact with the students. Also, I would love to tour more of Germany's structures and history that they have to offer. Our professor was an amazing person to travel with and the group of students we went with were awesome! We had a great group dynamic.