International Field Experience

Lauren Hedrick

Lauren Hedrick

Hi, I am Lauren Hedrick. I am an Elementary Education Major with Special Education Minor. I enrolled in this course because I thought it would be fun and interesting opportunity for me to travel, experience a new culture and learn about another country's education system.

I am really enjoying the course so far! Every-time I leave class I feel more prepared and excited to travel to Germany. I'm learning so much about the language, culture, food, history, and now I'm just ready to go!

About halfway through the spring semester we started having class every Thursday night 6-8:40 pm. We would take the class time to learn about the history, economics and other Germany information, that was Professor Guiseppe's part. The second half of the class we would learn specific things about what we would need to know for the actual trip. For example, key German phrases, travel information and funding updates. This part of the class was facilitated by Dr. Leh. Each class was fun interesting, we always had snacks and drinks and it was a great opportunity to spend time with the people we are traveling with. We also had to be responsible for applying for scholarship and funding, applying for travelers insurance. These things were discusses a lot during class and there was great guidance to make sure we did everything the right way.

Stay tuned to know more about my trip experience. It will be updated once the trip is over.