Leadership Degree

Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Leadership

This program can provide you with the skills and abilities necessary to lead change in business, government, health care, and nonprofit organizations. You can gain the skills necessary to analyze data for decision making, communicate ideas, understand group dynamics, motivate and lead employees, and manage projects. You can also expect to learn and practice skills regarding how organizations function, both formally and informally, and how individuals function within organizations. Learn more

Foundations of Employment Relations & Leadership Certificate

You can earn a 12-credit certificate that focuses on important human resources and employment topics. The courses in the certificate are part of the OLEAD degree. Learn more about the OLEAD degree.

Minor in Business

Students majoring in the bachelor?s degree program in organizational leadership can earn a minor in business. This interdisciplinary minor can provide you with a business-oriented supplement to your academic major and introduce you to a variety of fundamental business skills and knowledge. The minor consists of 22 to 24 credits.

Designed for Adults

Today?s businesses are competing in an increasingly complex and competitive environment. Leaders who can maximize the potential of complex organizations are in demand. This bachelor?s degree program for adults is designed to help you understand the complex social, cultural, and organizational issues and succeed in business, human resources, and manufacturing.


For more information, contact:

Weaver Santaniello, Program Coordinator, 610-396-6142 or [email protected]

Solange Israel-Mintz, Adult Student Enrollment Coordinator, 610-396-6222 or [email protected]