Lean Agile Fundamentals

Lean Agile Fundamentals

The Lean Agile fundamentals course introduces participants to the fundamentals, principles and practices of Agile and Lean based methodologies for the IT industry. Lean principles originating from manufacturing and adapted for use in software development are investigated. The course provides a framework for planning and execution in a Lean-Kanban framework and compares this framework with other modern agile frameworks. The benefits of transitioning from a waterfall or Scrum methodology are also examined. Kanban key practices such as eliminating waste, work visualization, limiting work in process, flow, gathering and use of metrics for improvement, and scaling Kanban to the enterprise are explored in detail and reinforced with hands on exercises.

Upon completion attendees will have a solid understanding of Lean-Kanban concepts and methodologies and positioned to help facilitate their organizations' move forward with Lean-Kanban principles and methodologies in the IT industry.

Who should attend?

This course is appropriate for all IT team members and business analysts, including Scrum master; project managers; team leads; development managers; product managers; architects; developers, testers; and CIO and CTO executives involved in Agile transition.

The course is offered in 4 evening sessions. Dates will be announced soon for fall 2017.