MBA Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many credits are required for the MBA at Penn State Berks?

A: Between 30 and 48 credits are required to complete the MBA degree. Students may be exempt from up to 18 credits from the core courses for previous academic preparation.

Students are expected to meet the pre-program requirement in quantitative skills via previous coursework prior to beginning the MBA program.

Q: Do you allow students to transfer credits into the program?

A: A maximum of 10 graduate credits earned at an accredited institution may be applied toward the requirements for the MBA at Penn State Berks. Approval to apply any transferred credits toward a degree program must be granted by the student's academic adviser and division head. Courses considered for transfer must have been completed within five years prior to the date of enrollment at Penn State, and must have a grade of at least a B.

Q. What is the format of the program?

A: Our courses are offered in seven-week sessions and our program is not a cohort program, giving you the flexibility to take classes whenever is most convenient. Our classes are usually scheduled one or two days a week, during the evening hours, for three hours per session.

Q: Is the GMAT or GRE ever waived?

A: The Admissions Committee considers a number of factors in the review of MBA applications. The GMAT is important because it provides information about an applicant's skills that are important in business school and which relate to an applicant’s potential for success in the program. We encourage all applicants to take the GMAT or the GRE. Some applicants, however, may be eligible for a GMAT or GRE waiver.

Q: Do I need any prep courses?

A: Prior to enrolling in the MBA program, students are expected to meet a pre-program requirement that builds a foundation for quantitative analysis. Some students may be asked to take a statistics course if they do not meet the pre-program requirement based on their previous academic record.

Q: I don't have a business undergraduate degree, does that matter?

A: Many of our students do not have undergraduate degrees in business, but they all have relevant work experience. Students who were non-business majors may not be able to waive core courses, while those with business degrees may be able to waive some courses.

Q: I've been out of school 15 years. Will I feel out of place taking classes after all that time?

A: The average age of our students is 31. You will find most of our students share the same concern about not having taken classes in quite some time, and how to juggle graduate school with an already busy life. Our MBA program was designed for your needs, and we are ready to accommodate your busy schedule.