New Original Works (N.O.W.)

Synopsis of original students works

A FIRST ENCOUNTER written by Savannah Ganster
This play explores the vulnerability and possibilities that accompany flirtation. Set in a bar, Jordin and Jack have a chance encounter with one another, which is complicated by their awkwardness and nervousness. These characters allow the comedy of their awkward moments to relieve the tension between them as each of them navigates the foreign territory of forging a relationship with each other. With closing time upon them they are forced to leave the bar, but will they be going home alone?

CYBER CAFÉ written by Katie Derkits
Kate, a young woman, sits in a cyber café working on her laptop when she receives a message via an on-line chat. Although hesitant, Kate?s opens herself to the normalcy of an on-line conversation--after all, this is not her first on-line chat. And what could possibly be so strange about chatting on-line?

THE PRESENT written by Danielle Moser
This play focuses on how relationships are affected by past happenings. Painful histories often dictate and shape current relationships. As characters in this play obsess with their past, they learn soon enough that it is the present that holds the key.

A SMALL MATTER written by Ciera Ganster
What happens when people don?t communicate? A whole lot of nothing. A Small Matter explores the problems that arise with communication failure, by delving into the breakdown between the individuals of a single church unit, between a father and daughter, and between different countries and places of status.

This play attempts to represent and understand varied points of view of complex issues present in the deep psyche of a cutter, a drunk, and a rapist. Their attempts for a cure seem possible, if only they can survive their dark truths.

POSSESSION written by Jill Mehlman
Stuck in an elevator, Michael and Erik are forced to confront their animosity toward each other over their love for Julie. They compete for the position of Mr. Right, when both may be completely wrong. Determined to remove all obstacles from their chosen love path, they stay equally possessive of Julie.