New Student Orientations

Attending orientation provides students the opportunity to learn about Penn State Berks and get connected with the technology used for student records and classroom requirements. You will meet with an adviser to discuss your goals and help you plan for your first semester schedule--they you will schedule your first courses!

You must take your math placement test (Alecks) before scheduling a date. Your date will be cancelled if there are no test results on record.

Advising Component--This program:

  • Provides you with the results of your English and Math placements
  • Provides you with a one-on-one interview with an NSO1 advisor. During this interview, you will discuss your educational plans and the characteristics of those academic programs in which you have expressed an interest.
  • Familiarizes you with the academic structure of Penn State and with the wide range of degree programs available.
  • Provides you with a Penn State Student ID. In order to obtain a Penn State id+Card, students must present one of the following forms of photo IDs: A state-issued drivers license or ID card, a passport, US or a military photo ID. PLEASE BE SURE TO BRING THIS WITH YOU ON YOUR NSO1 DAY.
  • Acquaints you with the Berks campus, our procedures, some of our staff, and our out-of-class environment.
  • Helps you select courses and register for your first semester of study. Course selection is done via group Advising Meetings and is for students only.

First Year Students --For students starting with fewer than 18 college credits

Timeline for students admitted Fall and Summer
Early March and throughout the summer: Students take the Alecks math assessment. See for more information.
April: Students schedule on NSO1 date
June: Students activate their access accounts via an email from Penn State
June - July: Students attend a full-day new student orientation with modified programs available late rin the summer.  Learn more