Our History in Print

Book cover of We Are Penn State BerksTo commemorate the 50th anniversary of Penn State Berks in 2008, three of the college's leaders joined forces to document the campus' rich history by publishing a book titled We Are Penn State Berks

Chancellor Susan Phillips Speece, Dean and CEO Emeritus Frederick Gaige, and CEO Emeritus Harold Perkins worked together to chronicle the college's rich history, along with writer Susan Shelly. At the time of publication, Speece, Gaige, and Perkins had been the only three leaders in college's fifty-year history.

The full-color coffee table book features a photo retrospective of the college's history, as well as information about the history of Penn State University and the college in relation to local, regional, and national, and world events. The book also includes perspectives from key individuals who made the growth of the college possible.

A portion of the book's proceeds were donated to the Penn State Berks' 50th Anniversary Scholarship Fund. The book was available in the Penn State Berks Bookstore throughout 2008.

For more information or to order a copy, contact the Office of University Relations at 610-396-6053 or via e-mail at [email protected].