Parking Regulations

Please read and adhere to all regulations. Violators will be ticketed.

Permit Color Code Parking at a Glance

Residence Hall Student Parking Lot: Color Code - Red
Commuter Student Parking Lots: Color Code-Green
Faculty & Staff Parking Lots: Color Code-Blue

  • No student parking is permitted at the B1 Luerssen Building Parking Lot or the B2 Beaver Community Center F/S/Blue Parking Lot.
  • Please note:  Registered students are never considered Visitors; and will be ticketed if parked in a "Visitor" space.

Residence Hall Student Parking

Permit Required / Color Code: Red

Residence Hall Students shall park on the "Residence Hall Lot" located off of Tulpehocken Road at Clary Drive.

  • At Clary Circle, the only two spaces students may use are the: "Loading Zones/15 Minute", with use and time limitations.
  • Unauthorized vehicles parked in the "Fire Lane" or "Reserved Staff" area will be ticketed.
  • Visitors to the Residential Facilities should obtain a Parking Permit at Ivy Hall and park in the general Resident Hall Student Parking Lot.

Commuter Student Parking

Permit Required / Color Code: Green

  • Commuter Students shall park on any of the five Commuter Parking Lots located off of Broadcasting Road at Harper Road.
  • Upper Level: Lots G1, G2, G3, G4; and Lower Level: G5.

Faculty & Staff Lots: (Permit Required / Color Code: Blue)

  • B1: Luerssen Building
  • B2: Beaver Community Center
  • B3: Franco Building

Janssen Estate

Conference Center / Office Building / Williams Cottage

  • All persons attending the Janssen Conference Center may use the parking lot located at the rear of the conference center.
  • Staff assigned to the Janssen Office Building and Williams Cottage shall use the respective designated Staff parking areas.

Hintz Athletic Field Complex

  • Located adjacent to Berkshire Boulevard. Gates will remain closed except for events sanctioned through the University.
  • For event parking, the gates will close at dusk.

Gring's Mill Park / County of Berks - Parking Lot

  • This is not a University parking facility. Gring's Mill Park is Berks County property.
  • The use of the Gring's Mill Park Parking Lot is restricted to recreational use only.
  • Students using Gring's Mill for campus parking are subject to state fines and costs for towing.
  • These regulations are strictly enforced by the Berks County Park Rangers. 

Medical Permits

  • Medical permits are approved through Health Services, located in Room 8, of the Perkins Student Center, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • These permits are intended to accommodate temporary special need parking with a defined expiration date on the permit.
  • All medical permits must be clearly displayed on the front dashboard of the medical permit holders' registered vehicle.
  • Medical permits are for the exclusive use of the party to whom they are issued and are not transferable.
  • There are a limited number of "Medical Permit" parking spaces on campus. 
  • Questions regarding "Medical Permit" parking can be addressed to Health Services or Police Services.