Penn State Berks Alumni Society Ballot

2016-2017 Board of Directors

The Penn State Berks Alumni Society is currently accepting votes for its board of directors. To vote you must be a current member of the Penn State Alumni Association.

To vote by online ballot, please select the names of the candidates you would like to vote for and include your first name, middle initial, last name, address and phone number so that your Penn State Alumni Association membership can be verified. Please vote for up to three candidates and vote for each candidate only once. You'll find an online ballot at the bottom of this page.

Online voting will end at midnight on Wednesday, May 4, 2016.  

To vote by paper ballot, please plan to attend the Annual Alumni Society meeting on Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 6:00 pm in the Janssen Conference Center.


Name: Michael Fry

Year Graduated Penn State: 1993
Major: Accounting
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Other Education: MBA LaSalle University 2001
Business/Profession: Accounting/Finance
Honors/Awards: Formally on Board of Directors of Birdsboro Memorial Community Center, a United Way Funded Facility
Alumni Association Membership: Life Member
Other: As a proud Penn State Graduate I have always shown great pride in keeping in touch with the University (including in the past things organized by this Board). I would like to give back by supporting some of the activities I've enjoyed. These are some of the activities that has kept me in touch with my Penn State Roots. This is the organization that will help keep future Alumni excited about Penn State.

Name: James McCarty

Year Graduated Penn State: 2013
Major: Applied Psychology
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Other Education: M.Ed. in Higher Education (In Progress)
Business/Profession: Higher Education
Current Penn State Activities: Current Board member for the Alumni Society, Applied Psychology Advisory Board Member, Stand for State Educator, CN ED Instructor, Schreyer Honors College Application Reviewer
Penn State Activities as a Student: Lion Ambassadors, Orientation Leader, Peer Mentor, Berks Honors Scholar
Alumni Association Membership: Annual Member
Other: I have enjoyed my term serving on the Berks Alumni Society Board and would be honored to serve the campus and community for another term.

Name: Edward Silverman

Year Graduated Penn State: 1977
Major: Chemistry
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Business/Profession: Internal Medicine Specialist/Medical Doctor
Current Penn State Activities: Current member of the Penn State Alumni Association
Penn State Activities as a Student: Blue Band Baritone Horn Player
Alumni Association Membership: Life Member
Honors: Boy Scouts of America Lifetime Achievement Award
Other: Previous member of the Berks Alumni Society and served for 6 years

Name: Ralph W. Tutlane, Jr.

Year Graduated Penn State: 1983
Major: Geography, Cartography, and Remote Sensing
Degree: Bachelor of Science
BusinessProfession: USTA/ITA Tennis Official/Retail
Current Penn State Activities: I have run the Berks Society's Tennis Tournament for many years which has contributed thousands of dollars for the Berks Society's endowed scholarship. I also work with Charlie Adams on the annual Charlie Adams Ghost Stories and tours. This annual event has also contributed thousands of dollars to the Berks Society's endowed scholarship. I have continued to run these events even though I was not a Board Member for the past 2 years.
Penn State Activities as a Student: Numerous Representatives to Student Council at Berks and main [University Park] campus for Geography/EMS.
Alumni Association Membership: Life Member
Honors/Awards: I was Berks Society President 1996 to 1998 and 2010 to 2012, also serving on the Penn State Alumni Council during those years. Numerous awards for United States Tennis Association/Middle States/Eastern Pennsylvania District. I was President of the Berks County Tennis Association 1998. I have served on the USTA/MS/EPD Board for 20 years.
Other: I am very proud to serve with the members of the Berks Campus Society Board for many years. I love the fact that my endeavors, with the Board, have generated many thousands of dollars for our Society endowed scholarship which directly benefits Berks Campus students. I was on the Board when the endowment was started. I am a Life Member of the Penn State Alumni Association and the United States Tennis Association. I love Penn State. When I go back to the main [University Park] campus, it's like I'm going home. I would again like to be a member of this great Board and appreciate your support. WE ARE PENN STATE!!!!


The society will hold their annual meeting on Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 6:00 pm in the Janssen Conference Center, at which time the elected board of directors for 2016-2017 will be announced. Paper ballots will also be available at the meeting for anyone who has not had the opportunity to vote by online ballot.

The Berks Alumni Society brings together alumni of the college through a variety of events and activities. Their mission is to enhance the interests and reputation of the college and to achieve a closer fellowship between the alumni, students, faculty, staff, and the community. The Society also encourages support for scholarships, promotes professional development of students and alumni, and fosters a sense of pride and commitment to the college.