Arnold, Jennifer

Dr. Jennifer Arnold
Professor of Biology
Luerssen, 201C

Dr. Arnold is a Professor of Biology at Penn State Berks. Dr. Arnold's research uses field experimentation, modeling techniques, and physiological approaches to address issues in evolutionary ecology and population biology. Her research focuses on the evolution of life histories and the impacts of anthropogenic activities on populations of long-lived waterbirds, such as terns, gulls and albatrosses.

Individual research projects include experimental studies of life history trade-offs, investigations of the effectiveness of waterbird colony restoration techniques, development of minimally invasive field techniques for waterbird ecology, and the development of population models and software to assist managers in investigating the impacts of fisheries and development (e.g., wind farms and oil) on bird populations. Dr. Arnold's work is conducted in collaboration with academic researches in the US and abroad, as well as NGOs, Government Agencies, and the private sector.

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Ph.D., Environmental Biology, University of Massachusetts, Boston

B.A., Biology, State University of New York College at Buffalo