Dunbar, Maureen

Maureen Dunbar
Associate Professor of Biology
Program Chair, Biology
Program Chair, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Luerssen, 101H
101H Luerssen Building

Dr. Maureen Dunbar is an Associate professor of Biology at Penn State Berks. Dr. Dunbar's teaching interests include Cellular and Molecular Biology, Genetics and Developmental Biology. Her research interests involve studying the role of estrogen and PTHrP in normal mammary gland development. She has published her research findings in several scientific journals including Journal of Endocrinology and Development. Dr. Dunbar is also involved in ongoing pedagogical studies designed to explore ways to improve student teaching.


Ph.D., Molecular Biology, Lehigh University

M.S., Molecular Biology, Lehigh University

B.S. Biology, Muhlenburg College