James M. Karlinsey

James M. Karlinsey headshot
Associate Professor, Chemistry
Luerssen Science Building, 101D

Dr. James M. Karlinsey is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Penn State Berks. Dr. Karlinsey's research is focused on developing new analytical techniques to control microscale chemical reactions using microfluidic devices. The field of microfluidics combines elements of surface chemistry, device engineering, and instrument development to enable the manipulation of nanoliter and picoliter volumes of sample. Dr. Karlinsey's previous research involved the electrophoretic separation and multicolor laser-induced fluorescence detection of biomolecules on glass microchips. Samples included phycobiliproteins, which add pigmentation to algae, and DNA fragments for human identification and clinical diagnostics (e.g., anthrax). Current research involves the development of microreactors in plastic devices for enzyme analysis.

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Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, University of Virgina

B.S., Biochemistry and Philosophy, University of Scranton