Kazempour, Mahsa

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Associate Professor of Science Education
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Dr. Mahsa Kazempour is an Associate Professor of Science Education at Penn State Berks. Previously, she held a similar position at Fairfield University (CT). She teaches SCIED458 (Science Methods For Elementary Education Majors), BiSC3 (Environmental Science), and First Year Seminar.

Her research focuses on the professional development of both prospective and in-service teachers and ways to improve K-16 science instruction. Her research aims to explore prospective elementary teachers' beliefs, attitudes, and self-efficacy with regard to science and science teaching, and changes in these constructs and participants’ teaching practices as a result of enrolling a science methods course or participating in professional development sessions. In 2008-2009, she was the Co-PI on a highly competitive statewide (CT) Teacher Quality Partnership grant that funded inquiry-based workshops for urban grade 5-12 science teachers.

Her other line of research focuses on undergraduate students’ level of environmental literacy and sense of social responsibility with respect to the environment and changes in these constructs as a result of enrolling in a service-learning focused environmental science course. Her BiSC3 students engage in the EACAP project, which allows them the opportunity to partner with local organizations in taking action to protect the environment. More information about the project and samples of student projects, as well as Earth Day events the students take part in, may be may be found here: http://sites.psu.edu/environmentalcommunityproject/

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Book Chapters:

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Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction (Science Education), Indiana University Bloomington

M.S., Science & Environmental Education, Indiana University Bloomington

B.S., Biology, Santa Clara University (CA)