Qi, Jianbing

head shot of Jianbing
Associate Professor of Physics
Luerssen, 212H
118 Luerssen Building

I joined Penn State Berks in 2004. My research is in experimental atomic, molecular and optical physics. Current research involves the field of ultracold physics and quantum optics. The focus in ultracold physics research is to use lasers to cool and trap neutral Alkali atoms, to study ultracold molecules through photoassociation, and other interactions in ultracold temperature regime. The research in quantum optics involves the use of high resolution of laser spectroscopy techniques to study coherence phenomena and quantum control in atomic and molecular system, such as electromagnetically induced transparency and the orientation and alignment of molecules. These research activities are collaborated with scientists from US and abroad.

E. H. Ahmed, S. Ingram, T. Kirova,1,2 O. Salihoglu, J. Huennekens, J. Qi, Y. Guan, and A. M. Lyyra,"Quantum Control of the Spin-Orbit Interaction Using the Autler-Townes Effect", Physical Review Letters 107, 163601(2011)

J. Qi, "Electromagnetically induced transparency in an inverted Y-type four-level system", Physica Scripta 81, 015402 (2010)

Ph.D., Physics, Temple University

M.A., Physics, Temple University

B.S., Physics, Wuhan University