Marietta Scanlon

Marietta Scanlon
Associate Teaching Professor, Engineering
Project Coordinator, The Learning Factory
Gaige Technology and Business Innovation Building, 219

Dr. Scanlon is an Associate Teaching Professor of Engineering at Penn State Berks. Outside of the classroom, Dr. Scanlon's research interests include innovative 3D printing and scanning methods, as well as the use of mixed reality in education. As a result of her research, Scanlon founded Trimatis, LLC, a company that converts plastic waste into 3D printer filament.

Dr. Scanlon is also the founder and director of Penn State FiERCE (Futures in Engineering: Role Models Can Empower), a program that investigates the effect of role-models and mentors on students interest and self-confidence in engineering.

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PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University;

S.M., Metallurgy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology;

B.S., Chemical Engineering, Tufts University