Cunningham Stringer, Ebonie

Ebonie Cunningham Stringer
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Beaver Athletics and Wellness Center, 201L

I came to Penn State in the Fall of 2018. My undergraduate degree in Sociology, Political Science and Black Studies is from the University of Missouri-Columbia (Go TIGERS!) I completed my doctoral degree at Purdue University (Go BOILERMAKERS!) in the Department of Sociology.

I am passionate about issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in every facet of social life. As an educator, my objective is to prepare informed, inclusive and compassionate criminal justice professionals to make innovative contributions to their fields and communities. I also strive to bridge the divide between academia and lived experiences. As such, my pedagogical approach incorporates active learning and community engagement. I enjoy involving students in the legislative process, court proceedings, police work and social justice initiatives.

In my role as a scholar- activist, I conduct research that addresses some of the most pressing issues of our day in the broad fields of criminal and social justice. My work has been published in academic as well as mainstream outlets. My teaching and research interests include maternal incarceration, gender and crime, and the role of Clergy and Religious Institutions in social and criminal justice Initiatives.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with family, community service and travel.


Select Awards
2018 Presidential Mentoring Medallion
2017, 2015 Outstanding Service, Exodus
2016 Wingate International Grant for Faculty
2016, 2013 Innovative Teaching Grant ($400)

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