Zimmer, Mitch

head shot of Mitch
Assistant Professor of Business
Gaige, 333

Mitch Zimmer is an Assistant Professor of Business. For eight years he was the Business Program Chair at Penn State Berks and that gives him extensive advising experience. Mr.Zimmer brings over 25 years of business, engineering, consulting, and teaching experience to Penn State Berks. His career started at Exxon Research and Engineering as a Project Engineer and has progressed through a series of steps - each one with more business and less engineering emphasis. Mitch teaches management and business courses, including Math 22, which is the entrance-to-major for the business program at Berks. To keep things interesting, he also teaches courses in canoeing and kayaking. Mitch keeps up with business and engineering issues as a market researcher in such areas as acquisition analysis (including due diligence), competitive intelligence, customer image, and market development. Most of these activities are in the chemicals and plastics industries.

M.B.A., Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania